by Mark Zero

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released November 21, 2016

John Nilsson-Tysklind - vocals, guitar
Scott Crocker - guitar, additional vocals
Kammo Olayvar - bass, additional vocals
Robin Risander - drums, additional vocals

Produced and engineered by Mark Zero.
Track 8 co-produced by Rikard Löfgren.
Drums engineered by Erik Berglund at Boomtown studio.
Mixed and mastered by Scott Crocker.



all rights reserved


Mark Zero Gothenburg, Sweden

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Track Name: One Against the World
I’m not gonna tell you lies
I’m not a perfect guy
Tried to fool myself for all my life

Tried hard to change myself
Behave like someone else
It was all in self defense
In lack of confidence

In the shadow of pretentious lies
I hide the beast inside
But it’s had enough, it’s coming out

Tonight I’m gonna take control
Conformity was not the way to go
Tonight I’m gonna stand alone
One against the world, but I’ll stand tall

It’s not a moral thing
I’m still as nice as ever
Politeness where it’s due
And charity endeavours

But I’m not better than you
And you’re not better than me
But that’s where you don’t agree
And that’s the difficulty

It’s a shame but I can’t stay
I can’t help you all the way
Stay in line, enjoy the ride
I won’t forget you but

Hear it cracking
Hear it breaking
Hear me shattering my skin
Track Name: Bleed It Out
Every second I’m reminded
Of every piece of the puzzle that left me empty handed
My purpose, haven’t found it
But in the rubble of my struggle I will search until I’m dead

Inhibitions, indecisions
Getting rid of the guilt surrounding my condition
This fever in my head
Tie my boots and walk off the edge

So bleed it out
Turn my back on life
Bleed it out
To save my fucking mind
Let it fall to the ground
Shut my systems down
Bleed it out
Leave the fear behind

Every sickness
Every weakness
Every part of me says I got to end this
Every promise to myself
Dreams into nothing and fear into loathing

I don’t ever wanna feel that way again
I don’t ever wanna feel that way again
You fuck fate, well if fucks you harder
Not giving in tonight

My blood is frozen
As I stare at the edge
If my confidence is gonna fail me again
Then will you have the balls to be my friend
Make this end

I don’t ever wanna feel that way again
I don’t ever wanna feel that way again
I don’t ever wanna feel that way again
I don’t ever wanna feel
Track Name: More of Us
You sound like you’ve got a lot to prove
Well I’m not afraid of you
You’re a static interference in my head
Trying so hard not to lose
At a game I still refuse
You keep trying to deny it
But it’s just no use

You can’t break me where I stand
You won’t hurt me, understand
You’d be better off just letting this go
But you’re back for more

So hate me, walk alone
Blame me for everything
I know why noone’s on your side
Challenge me, pray for your luck
Don’t give a fuck
You will fall through
There’s more of us than you

So go ahead and do your worst
You are not the first

I feel like you know everything I know
That you’re in this for the show
Make a controversy, take me down with you
When your pride is coming loose
You’re left with nothing more to do
All your secrets and your weaknesses are shining through

There’s no pity left for you
There’s no fear for a failure like you
You can blame the world for all your mistakes
But you can’t run away

Face the fall, now learn to crawl
You’re alone for what you’ve become
Track Name: All That I Loved Was the Enemy
Searching, for a quiet part of me
Longing, for this life to set me free
Falling, chained to the weight of society
Learning, that a man must earn his peace

Run, away from reality
Run, all that I loved was the enemy

Burning, in the embers of my faith
Cursing, that all my struggle’s been in fucking vain
Yearning, mother nature, take my pain
Purpose, why have you abandoned me?

I fall in line, I learn to say I’m fine
I fall in line, believe the choice is mine
I fall in line, just to keep me warm at night
But I don’t need this anymore
Track Name: Karma Backlash
Someone that you love is standing in the rain
You left them there but you don’t remember
Someone that you love is bleeding on the inside and you know

Someone that you love has tried to walk away for ages
But you won’t let them
They’re praying for the anger inside you to turn into shame

Don’t you know, don’t you see
You’re no longer the man that you wanted to be
Don’t let them bleed

Break away, from this insanity
Don’t wanna sit there alone when your life comes crashing
Take away, all of the agony
Man, you are going to crash in a karma backlash

Lying in her bed, she tries to shut it out
Choking on tears to stay silent
As glasses break and tables are tumbling just outside the room

Knowing that your daughter will hate you for the rest of her lifetime
You think it’s still worth it
To raise that fist and put her mom in her place

Don’t you know, don’t you see
This night is the last that there ever will be
Just watch them bleed

She won’t ever breathe again, and there’s nothing you can do
’Cause neither will you
Track Name: My Polluted Mind
I keep my soul in a box full of enemies
In the empty spot that I saved for my remedies
I’ve traded my sleep for shame and anxiety
I’m sinking deeper into the machinery

And all this time I tried to keep my mind from crashing down
And in this fire of self-denial, I fortify my polluted mind

I wear a mask of what I never wanna be
I break my back for the ones who never needed me
I’m probably insane, gone apeshit, baby
But I hate you all, go ahead and fucking shoot me

And I hate you, baby, go ahead and hate me too
I don’t wanna live as one of you
The only way to win is not to play the game
Track Name: Not Gonna Die
I’m changing my perspective, I’ll never be like you
An angry motherfucker clinging to my point of view
I’ve lost my innocence but I’ll never fall like you
I’ve learned to shake off all the shit that you’ve made me do

I fight to keep my demons, away from those I love
The issue here is you’re the darkest demon of them all
When all I have to lean on is what I learned from you
I wonder who’s the better man if I abandon you

Keep your words where they hurt
Make it worse

Not gonna die, not gonna die alone
You won’t make me fail this time
Not gonna die, not gonna die alone
Your power is fading now

Keep your words somewhere they hurt
Maybe one day you will learn

I’m shedding my defenses, I’ll never need them now
I’ll take my guard down and I’ll overthrow you anyhow
I won’t let the devil take me, won’t throw my life away
I deny you ’til the day I face my grave

Let me go, I will find you at the end of time
’Til that moment, stay the fuck away
Track Name: Eye to Eye
Another night, swallowing my pride with bitter wine
Watch it go down
Another night, of enemies and leeches all around
You won’t take me alive

I carry the devil in my head
Save me now or drug me ’til I’m dead

Watch me go eye to eye with myself tonight
Watch me go, someone’s gonna die
Me or Mr. Hyde
Eye to eye

Another night, picturing myself with different eyes
Watch me go down
Another night, of all-out warfare on my only mind
Me vs. Self, you’re going down

I bury my treasures in the dirt, let them rust
Grab my neck and touch me where it hurts

One of us is going down
Eye to eye
And I’m not getting out
Out alive
Track Name: Alive
When your pride is broken, feeling like a shadow of yourself
All these words unspoken, collecting dust on the shelf
Alone in the shadows, fading away in the dark
Cause nothing you smoke is gonna fix the pain in your heart

And the monster in your closet is creeping out, for the first time in your life
You’ve got to find the strength inside, and show the world you’re


You can burn your bridges, cut all the ties to your past
You can rip your stitches, see if the pity’s gonna last

You can piss away the love of all your friends, lie to yourself, accuse and pretend
But do you wanna sit alone and die or are you gonna show the world you’re

Go on, take your final breath
Be the last one to have to see you drown

You can pop your final pills and fade away, choke on your ego and decay
So do you wanna sit alone and die, or are you gonna show the world you’re
Track Name: Megamösh
”Is he insane, motherfucker?” is the question now on everybody’s mind
Well Puff, the magic dragon, I say, going for a veiny ride
Lucy in the sky with braces, bite the lord of lies
Members of the jury, please allow me to resign

Well it’s a breeze, motherfucker, it’s a breeze, motherfucker, it’s a breeze, motherfucker
I don’t have to take your superficial hate
It’s a breeze, motherfucker, to ignore everything you misconstrue in me
I don’t have to take, I don’t even have to fuckin’ acknowledge you

Come on, let’s be enemies, whatchu waiting for?
Welcome to Ballistica
Come with me, cut the act, this is fucking war
Welcome to Ballistica

It’s all in vain, motherfucker, trying to make me feel like I don’t have a right to be me
I’ve already been beaten down, well it taught me to hate so go ahead and fucking try me
Don’t need your narcissistic answers to the questions I don’t have
You don’t get to tell me to behave, my grandma’s dead and bitch you don’t have a say

Your side has lost, motherfucker, you’re shit, motherfucker, fuck you, motherfucker
I’m your antagonist, your ego’s nemesis
Here’s a tip, motherfucker:
”Alla hatar såna som du, motherfucker
Ta dina jävla facit och kör upp dem i röven, din jävla idiot!”
Track Name: This Is Your Life
She lost her father at fourteen, to alcohol and fast machines
She didn’t cry as she watched that bastard die
She was busy climbing out to survive

She lost her mother to another man, with steady pay and a dental plan
It was the perfect change for her mother to find true romance
She said: ”He wants me for his own, when you’re older you’ll understand.”

Now she sits on the curb and she’s all alone
Ten steps from the nearest foster home
Baby run, baby run

This is your life, are you gonna let them break you down?
Baby run, baby run
This is your life, you are gonna make it through this night
Baby run, baby run

When the morning came around, she got on a bus and out of town
With a pocket full of money from a man, for the price of an hour in his van

The room was cold but it was cheap, it was her’s for now at least
With another customer she’d make it through the week
All she had to do was close her eyes and turn the other cheek

Now she sits on the floor and she’s not alone
In the deepest fear she’s ever known
Baby run, baby run